Pact of Free Cities

The Pact of Free Cities, founded by the Mayors of the Visegrad Four capitals (Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava and Budapest) in 2019, is a global network of cities determined to stand up for progressive values and fight against nationalistic populism.

Cities as islands of liberalism

In the past few decades, cities re-emerged as hubs for progressive policies and pragmatic problem-solvers, positioning themselves against the reluctance, inability or slowness of national governments to rise to global challenges. The Pact of Free Cities has been created to highlight the growing importance of cities in preserving and protecting democracy and open society. The vision for the Pact is to build a value-driven mayoral network, agile to adapt to the ever-changing political environment and bring about meaningful change.

Our mission and goals

Protect and promote the common values ​​of freedom, democracy and equality

Share best practices and seek solutions to common problems facing our cities

Create a platform to help cities coordinate their policies

Advocate for the role of cities and secure their direct funding on the EU level

Keep cooperation open to other cities and entities that share the same values

Genesis of creation

Mayors of Founding Cities

Bohuslav Svoboda

Mayor of Prague

Matúš Vallo

Mayor of Bratislava

Rafal Trzaskowski

Mayor of Warsaw

Gergely Karácsony

Mayor of Budapest

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